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Client Stories.

Samantha Brish

As a business owner and distance runner, CrossFit Justice helps me reach my goals and stay mentally strong, physically fit and injury free.

Tom Horton

I feel like I am making myself a better father, husband and person by doing CrossFit. The workouts are challenging but balanced so I have enough energy to play soccer with my kids and go to work. CrossFit makes me stronger and healthier.

Lee Copp & Rocky Williams

The people are unbeatable. Having a community of like-minded people keeps me accountable and reaching my goals. I always look forward to what I will achieve next at CFJ.

get results.

Our #1 priority is helping our members achieve their goals.

krys brish

“Ticker Training and the On Ramp instruction gave me the confidence to join CFJ. The CFJ community is exceptionally welcoming, encouraging and supportive. This lends itself to the outstanding coaching and knowledge they provide. I know I am right where I need to be. Thank you for helping me to move better and get stronger.”

jon lum

“I always thought a great workout ended by falling on the floor, gasping for air thinking you’ll never do that again. Ticker completely changed my perspective. I’m moving at a pace I can maintain which means lots of reps with no pain the next day. I’m still doing Crossfit, just a little bit smarter.”

steve B.

“After joining CrossFit Justice I saw improvements immediately. Ticker Training has allowed me to keep building my strength from college athletics as well as workout regularly without leaving me super sore. I like the variety of workouts and how my endurance, strength, and skills have improved.”

Kristy Keeley
Kristy Keeley
11 April 2024
Absolutely love CrossFit Justice. You couldn’t ask for better trainers, a more positive environment or a greater workout. Everyone goes above and beyond here to make sure you are getting the most out of each class and to make sure you are putting in your best. My husband brought me in and I am hooked! The most welcoming community (and the gym is pristine!). They also offer very personalized training and make sure you are fully prepared before you dive right in. Going to classes at CrossFit Justice is always the highlight of my day week
Janet Gray
Janet Gray
11 April 2024
The amazing coaches have helped me get fit while rehabbing from previous injuries from trying to workout on my own and not knowing what I was doing. I have hypermobility issues. They help me modify workouts while increasing my strength in an encouraging community. The biggest change I notice is that my chronic inflammation is gone. I wish I would have started sooner, but it’s never too late!
Margaux Hollern
Margaux Hollern
11 April 2024
Great community, coaches, and workouts!
Alex K
Alex K
29 March 2024
CrossFit Justice is a great community. Chris and Rose are incredibly caring and welcoming, and that carries through the coaches and the community. Whether you come with previous CrossFit experience or are brand new to working out, you will find a gym that values consistency and hard work. If you are looking for a supportive gym community and great coaches, ticker training, or to improve your health and fitness - CrossFit Justice is the place to go!
Peter Grebeck
Peter Grebeck
22 March 2024
I have made great strides after joing crossfit justice. I definitely could of not done it on my own. Every instructor is very positive and very welcoming. The whole team is great ! Going to this gym is not a chore. It's a very positive experience to make me a healthier person. This is a great locally owned and operated business.
Cala Elswick
Cala Elswick
20 March 2024
I have, by far, had the best experience I have ever had at a gym at CrossFit Justice! Every single coach is so kind and the environment is very clean and welcoming. I felt very intimidated of any kind of CrossFit and this place has broken the stereotypes and shown me that CrossFit can truly be done at any level of fitness. Whether you’re someone who has been in the fitness game for awhile or someone who hasn’t stepped foot in a gym in years this place has so much to offer. Highly recommend checking them out!
David Riddle
David Riddle
8 February 2024
I had never done CrossFit prior and was a little unsure about it but after meeting with Chris I knew I was making a great choice. The staff at CJ are all so knowledgeable, patient, great coaches and just good people. They work with everyone throughout the classes by showing them proper techniques or things to try to work on to improve and it really makes everyone feel comfortable and motivated. It’s been a great time thus far and the community they have built here is very fun to be around. Do yourself a favor and check it out! You won’t be disappointed.
Krystin Cook
Krystin Cook
2 February 2024
I've been working with Chris and the CrossFit Justice Team for the past 6 months and it has been an extremely positive experience. When I first started training, I was quite out of shape and hadn't worked out consistently in years. Chris took the time to understand my fitness goals and current ability level, and then designed a customized training program to help me improve my overall fitness. What I appreciate most is Chris’ attention to form and safety. The team makes sure every exercise is done with proper technique to prevent injury. In just 6 months I have become much stronger, leaner, and energized under their training. The team challenges me during our sessions but also makes sure the workouts are enjoyable. They are extremely motivating and often provide helpful tips on nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle habits to complement my fitness program. I highly recommend CrossFit Justice, no matter your current fitness level to help you achieve outstanding results!
Tod Verville
Tod Verville
2 February 2024
Working out at CrossFit Justice has been challenging and rewarding. The coaching staff are very knowledgeable in creating well rounded training that promote muscle building and calorie burning. They coaching staff are also highly trained personal trainers who can train people on proper form during workouts, give suggestion on relieving muscular pain and soreness, and promote a fun environment for member, while maintaining the seriousness needed to improve in strength, mobility, and endurance. CrossFit justice provides group training sessions, personal training with a coach, kids training programs, a nutrition program, and a running program on the weekends.

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