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A Match Made In Heaven: CrossFit As Aerobically Based Fitness

CrossFit tends to be highly anaerobic. From Lifting heavy to high intensity Metcons, there is no doubt that shorter and faster workouts have been the norm for CrossFit. That style of training gets people strong, fit, and quick, no doubt. 

But is there more?

We would argue that there is. Crossfit with aerobic training is virtually unheard of. A heart rate monitor to pace you, rather than to push you faster and faster, what’s the point? Do you even get fit? 

Yes, you get fit. You get strong, fit, and quick, but you also build an engine. This type of training takes a little longer to reap the benefits, however the benefits are more easily maintained. They are also easier to build from, safer, better for your health, and better for your mobility and form quality. 

All of these factors make aerobic training good for you, all the while you get much less of the negative effects which come from constant high intensity training. (i.e constant soreness, inflammation, stress, increased cortisol, fatigue & increased potential for poor form and injuries)

Back to the positive. How can CrossFit be aerobic? By decreasing the intensity and increasing the volume.  Put it this way. If you do traditional CrossFit 3x per week, with short and fast workouts, such as 8-minute AMRAP’s and 5×5 back squat, you get a solid amount of work. If you do CrossFit with ticker training you do 30-40minute AMRAP’s and 3×10 back squat, but you also come to the gym 5 days a week because you feel good enough to do that! Who gets more work in? Who gets more volume? And in turn who gets stronger with a bigger engine to last longer? 

And aerobic work is less stressful on your body. Win win. 

So it is not wrong to train either way, but we argue that aerobic CrossFit is better for your health long term and still gets you fit. 

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