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Are Farmer’s Walks One Of The Best Exercises?

Farmer’s Carry or Farmer’s Walk is hands down one of our favorite exercises. Adding these to your routine on a consistent basis would serve you well. Here’s why:

Improved posture. If you slouch, slump, hang your shoulders or whatever, this one’s for you. Standing tall during a carry is a surefire way to build the strength required to kick the habit.

Grip strength. Ever struggle to make that one trip from the car to the house while fully loaded with groceries? This exercise will dramatically improve your grocery game & definitely win you some brownie points with your significant other!

It’s pretty basic. Unlike snatches, cleans & deadlifts, the carry is pretty easy to perform. This reduces your risk of injury, which is always an added bonus. You get more bang for your buck with this guy.

Muscle building phenom. When done properly, the vast majority of your body should be engaged while performing this exercise. When flexed, not just performing reps, your body is “under tension.” This stress encourages the body to adapt & change. With a heavy enough load the result is a larger, more defined physique.

Promotes fat loss. This is a great segway from above. If you have more muscle mass you will more than likely burn a significant amount of fat. These two things go hand in hand.

Turns on the core. Forget doing endless crunches, planks & the like. Be active with the carry. When challenged, the core will be forced to engage to prevent the body from slumping or slouching. When choosing weight, remember, do not be a poopy mover. Stand & walk tall.

Builds mental toughness. Sometimes life weighs us down, just like the weights do. Carrying a heavy load over various distances can help you build the mental fortitude to keep moving forward. Under the current circumstances, who couldn’t use a little bit of extra mental toughness right now eh?

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