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Earn The Right To Work Hard

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have worked out too hard, too soon & wound up with an injury. Or at least ...
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How Building An Aerobic Engine Makes You Anti-Fragile

Resilient, variable, robust & disciplined. These are all gains made from building an aerobic engine. When you only train one way, training the same muscle ...
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How Less Is More & More Is Not Better

A few months ago yours truly came down with the CoronaVirus. I had the shakes, fever, headache, shortness of breath, the whole shabang. It was ...
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Ticker Training Shines A Light On Lifestly Stress. Here’s How.

Our bodies are incredibly complex organisms that can do some amazing things. Turn food into muscular protein? Check. Filter toxins out of the body? Double ...
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How to Apply Ticker Training with a Competitive Athlete

Multiple factors are at play with training as a competitive athlete. Training aerobically and still being competitive requires a specific training plan that is focused ...
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Who Is Ticker Training For?

The saying goes, if you are for everyone, you are for no one. This is partly true. Not everyone should do CrossFit, nor should everyone ...
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Showing Progress With Testing & Re-Testing

You cannot improve what you do not test or measure. That is a fact. If you don’t measure, you are simply guessing. CrossFit exploded on ...
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Defining Our Ticker Training Zones

At this point you probably get that we do heart-rate based training at CrossFit Justice. Even if you don’t do CrossFit (or want to) but ...
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How Do You Incorporate Hard Efforts With A Moderate Intensity Model?

At CrossFit Justice we rarely receive pushback from our members regarding heart-rate based training. It usually happens from an outsider who questions us, asking, “Is ...
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What Is MAF Training & Why Should I Care?

What do you mean MAF training?!?! I thought you guys do Ticker Training? This stuff is sooooo confusing you might say. Just give us a ...
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