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Competing vs Training & Knowing The Difference

Competition requires a different mindset than training does. 

Competing is a short term focus with a goal of winning the day. By means of full intensity, all or nothing, no pain no gain, you end up with a focus of beating your neighbor as your highest focus. Maybe it is to beat yourself everyday too, but how realistic is that day after day?

It takes a lot of energy to compete and push yourself to your limits. We want you to think about what is left of your mind, body, and friendships after competing everyday. Look at those things and see if they are healthy and long lasting. 

We love competing. Don’t think we are against it. We are just against the mindset behind competing everyday instead of training everyday to be a better competitor when you need to be.

With that being said…

Training means you have a big picture and long term goal. You are training with the purpose  of getting better in the long run. You are more likely to work on all the facets of your fitness because that will continue to add up to becoming a well rounded athlete, more capable of reaching your goals. 

Training is often a calmer and more secure headspace, once that provides more confidence and peace of mind than a competition based mindset. As much as winning and competing can be fun, it is also fun to relax more with your training, involve your friends without the comparison, and look at the big picture without the stress everyday. Then when the day comes, you will be better equipped to go all out and compete! 

If you want to become someone who trains to compete instead of someone who competes daily as their training, come see us! 

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