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Do Deadlifts Look Different For Different People? Should Tall People Deadlift?

Deadlifts may look a little different based on your height, but they are one of the best exercises for your back, no matter how tall you are. Proper form needs to be a top priority when it comes to any lift, especially deadlifts. 

The deadlift used to be called the “health lift”. This was because it was thought to be ideal in improving fitness and health. The deadlift is great for people’s core strength and posterior chain. However, many people are afraid of it because they have either gotten hurt from doing them or have heard of others getting hurt. 

Taller people have “longer levers” to move. This means there needs to be more of a focus on keeping the weight centered directly over your midfoot in the set-up, with shoulders slightly in front of the bar. Those 2 factors are the most important for setting up the deadlift properly, but also means that it will look different depending on the person’s height. 

A person with longer legs will have their hips higher in the set-up versus a person with a longer torso who will have their hips lower in the set-up. Both are correct as long as the back is flat, the bar is over the midfoot, and their shoulders are in front of the bar. 

When performing the deadlift, it is imperative to focus on these points: 

  • Keep the barbell close to the body 
  • Brace your core
  • Maintain a flat back 
  • Control the weight both up and down 

There you go! Grab a coach and keep deadlifting! 

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