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Earn The Right To Work Hard

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have worked out too hard, too soon & wound up with an injury. Or at least became incredibly sore. Sore enough to question why we picked up activity “X” in the first place. Sound familiar? Unfortunately so.

In the case for Ticker Training, we like to slow people down from day one. No more punishing the new guy/gal for being unfit. No more surprising them with how hard things are going to be in the future. No more “impressing” people with how tough we think we are.

We feel CrossFit has come a long way to go in this regard, but it still has work to do. 

Once we slow people down we begin to have discussions about doing more work with less fatigue & effort. We get to explain that we are building an aerobic engine that can accommodate hard efforts in the future. We call this, “earning the right to work hard.” Show us that what you say is in fact easy, & we’ll let you rev that engine from time to time. 

We do this to prevent injury & burnout. Just because your heart can pump at 180+ beats a minute doesn’t mean that it should during an air squat, or a moderate rowing session, or every training session for that matter. 

Aerobic capacity aside, we build our athletes from the ground up when it comes to lifting heavier weights. You cannot hit a safe 1 rep max with improper form. Luckily for us, the mentality behind Ticker Training,i.e. trusting the process, slowing down, form over weight, encourages this thought process. When your technique looks good, we’ll encourage you to put some weight on the bar.

Earning the right to work hard also builds the athlete to coach relationship. When an athlete trusts their coach & listens to the advice given, good things can happen. When the athlete succeeds, after having listened to the coach, trust grows. Where there is trust, there is often respect. This cycle perpetuates itself in the best possible way. When the athlete has trust & respect for their coach, being told to go easy or hard becomes that much easier. And its not for sake of easy/hard efforts, its designed to give the athlete what they need, when they need it. The training cycle goes on.

If you are motivated by the process, need to slow down & earn the right to work hard, we’re the place for you. If you’re not in our area we offer specialized online training plans as well! Go to www.crossfitjustice.com, click on Book A No Sweat Intro to learn more. Ticker On!!   

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