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Flow State

Flow state in training is when you feel good, move smooth, and your effort level is repeatable. It’s play time. You are not overstressing your mind or body. You are focused on your training and it feels good. 

This is not a training session that you “barely made it through”. There is no “pain cave”. There is no questioning whether you will finish it or not. It’s not some garbage workout that is just written on the board to test your limit. 

It’s intentionally working in a zone where QUALITY is the focus and you KNOW you will complete it. You stop the training before it’s not fun and before your body stops for you. Flow state training is part of a plan where you know that was the next step to take in improving your fitness. 

Lastly, you should be energized by flow state training. Have fun, move well, and leave the gym feeling good. This is training smarter, not harder.

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