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Get Outside The Box

If last year didn’t make you value your health, I don’t know what will. Without a gym to go to, people were left either at home or outdoors for their fitness. Hopefully this was a nice change for most! Getting outdoors is a great way to boost your mood and improve your health. If you are used to the same old routine, getting outdoors can be a good changeup! 

As much as we love CrossFit, we also love what CrossFit can help us achieve. We like to set other goals for ourselves outside the Box. With things like road races, Triathlons, Spartan Races, trail running, etc. there are plenty of things to keep you busy and in the great outdoors. 

Michigan is a great place to live for these events. Now that spring is rounding the corner, let’s get some on your mind and find out how to train! Here are some fun events in Michigan that (for now) are still running!  

Spartan Race

Typically held at the Michigan International Speedway, this event is a fan favorite. If you are looking to do a short race (Sprint) or something a little longer (Super) this race has you covered. The course is not flat, but flatter than most & is great if you need an introduction to obstacle course racing. But don’t let that fool you! There’ll be plenty of challenges along the way. Oh…and burpees. Lots of burpees.



If you are into triathlon then look no further than www.trifind.com! You can search by state, month, distance etc… It is one of the most comprehensive sites for triathlon around. 

With that being said, the race or race series we would suggest is The Island Lake T-Rex Series. These events are held on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM. They are short & sweet, something to consider mid-week. They start in early June & go until August. 

What’s even cooler is they are right in CrossFit Justice’s backyard! If you are looking for a beginner race this series would be a great place to start.   


We get it. Running is probably one of the pieces of fitness that CrossFitters enjoy the least. But many of our athletes love it & come from a running background. There are always local 5k’s, 10ks & what not but members at CFJ are teaming up to compete in the Ragnar Trail Relay in Grayling Michigan this year. If you, or 7 other people you know, want to hit some gnarly trails check out the Ragnar Website & sign-up for an 8 person relay event. It’s a great way to hang with some friends, build your culture & hit some trails!



Ok, ok, ok! We had to put it in here. But bear with us. This one is outside the box…literally. If you’ve never done a CrossFit competition this is a perfect chance to do one with two of your closest box junkies. Hit up Fresh Coast Games. In their 6th year running Fresh Coast Games is getting bigger & more challenging every year. Check out the website asap as registration opens February 20th at 8am. 


Whatever you choose to do this year to showcase your fitness be sure to have fun! If there is something we’ve missed we’d love to hear about. Until next time guys, happy training!  

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