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How Building An Aerobic Engine Makes You Anti-Fragile

Resilient, variable, robust & disciplined. These are all gains made from building an aerobic engine. When you only train one way, training the same muscle groups, using one energy system, and training one intensity level, you become really good at that ONE thing. That makes you fragile. 

Being fragile as an athlete means you have an imbalance. You may have strengths, but you also have weaknesses mentally, physically, and systemically. Being fragile means you are more prone to injury, you aren’t adaptable to adverse conditions, and you don’t recover as easily. 

Being anti-fragile means you can actually gain something from stress and adversity. Instead of being prone to illness, injury & negativity, imagine being able to withstand the stresses that are put on you. Imagine less sickness, feeling strong with less injuries, and having a positive mindset that is unshakeable. 

Here is how building an aerobic engine can create a more anti-fragile mind and body: 

The process of building an aerobic engine is slow. It requires discipline and patience, which creates an anti-fragile mindset. It allows you to think things through and dig deeper so when difficult things come along you stay on track. Getting through long workouts creates a strength in you that no one can take away. When you face challenges, your mindset subconsciously says “I have been through more, and I can do that.” It puts the task ahead of you into perspective. 

Being in an aerobic state means you are burning fats, you’re less inflamed than when you burn exclusively carbohydrates, your body is able to use oxygen to recover, and overall there is less damage to your body. Less damage means more adaptation with less of a need to recover. Being able to take on stress without overuse will make you less injury prone, have less pain, be less at risk for sickness, and be more adaptable. 

Lastly, the skills, variability, and volume required in aerobic training mean you get lots of quality work in, in a manageable amount, with various stimuli. These things combined mean you are training longer, doing more, moving better, and yet you are not hurting because of it. Putting in more time, quality, and variety provide you with a huge base of fitness to pull from. When you have to go hard, you will be better equipped to deal with the stress and recover from it. That’s how we condition you! 

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