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How to Apply Ticker Training with a Competitive Athlete

Multiple factors are at play with training as a competitive athlete. Training aerobically and still being competitive requires a specific training plan that is focused on performance. Here is what you need to know about Ticker Training and competing. 

  1. Know your training zones. You need to know which zone your body goes into with which movements and weights. You need to train in each zone intentionally to build your capacity in each zone. Read below for more on zones. 
  2. Building strength does not negatively affect your heart rate. During your strength sets, don’t worry about your heart rate. Increasing your strength capacity will increase your ability to lift weight aerobically. 
  3. Cycling your training is important to peak for a competition. As you train across your heart rate zones, you need to build your anaerobic capacity without destroying your body’s ability to utilize oxygen. Be smart. 

Training Zones: 

Recovery & Endurance:

Training here will teach your body how to recover well from maximal efforts. Also, it teaches your body which movements you can perform aerobically and use less energy during competition. 


Majority of the training should be here to maximize fat burn and oxygen use. This zone builds power & stamina. It is playful, fun and non-damaging to your system. This will allow you to gradually increase the weight you can lift, or movements you can perform aerobically, with less stress on your body. Come competition time, your body can breathe and stay calm while performing long metcons or during transitions between movements. 


This last zone builds your capacity and ability to utilize lactate. If added to your programming well, it can bump up your aerobic capacity. If done too often it will reduce your capacity in all other zones. You need to train here occasionally to prepare for what competition asks of you. 

In the end, Ticker Training allows you to look like an athlete that moves really well, doesn’t look like they are working that hard, and sweeps the floor with people.

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