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How To Get 6 Pack ABS Quickly?

Question: How do I get six-pack abs as quickly as possible?

Short Answer: Abs are built in the kitchen. Hate us for saying it but it’s the truth. Here’s what’s up.

You can train yourself ragged, put in some crazy efforts in the gym (kindof), on the trail, field or whatever, but you can ruin it with a bad diet. Some of the hardest workers in the gym still don’t have the coveted six pack because they treat their body like a trash can. If you want to tone up before true Fall hits try these tips: 

1) Drink more water. Determine quantity by dividing your body weight in half & drink that daily in ounces. Drinking water boosts your metabolism, improves your energy and function and will keep your appetite more balanced. #DrinkUp

2) Get more sleep. We all need varying amounts but if you are under the 7 hour timeframe you are probably missing the mark. Pencil it in, right a goal, set a timer, but get to bed a little earlier & that can pay off in a big way. #CountSheep

3) Stress less. Excess stress can make weight loss a challenge. Do something relaxing for yourself everyday. #Woosaaaa.

4) Track your calories for a month. Yes. A full month. Everything. When you track EVERYTHING you put in your mouth, stress eating or careless eating is less likely. But watch out, do not starve yourself. Be mindful of the quality of your food, not just the quantity. My Fitness Pal is a great place to start. #MyFitnessPal

5) Meal prep. Now we are getting somewhere. Make a menu, start with a few balanced meals, & see how that sets up your week. You’ll be shocked at the extra time & energy you have through the week. #PlanAhead

6) Carry protein packed snacks with you…everywhere. Protein helps stave off hunger & gives you the muscle building properties your body needs to burn fat. #MoreProtein

Lastly: Yes! core exercises are important to building the strength and physique you want! Don’t hesistate to ask a coach about ways to train your core. 

So there you go. Six tips for 6 pack abs. Get after it & let us know how these tips work for you!! If there’s one you feel we should hear, put it down. 

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