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I Don’t Like Technology But I Want To Do Ticker Training

If you were to say you don’t like technology, but you want to do Ticker Training, the first thing I would say is, you and me both. Technology is not everyone’s strong suit. It definitely isn’t ours. We have had our fair share of tech issues early on, but as with anything, it gets sorted out with time and experience. 

So can you do Ticker Training with less technology? Not to the full extent, but there are ways we can help get you started. 

First off, instead of doing a PNOE test to get your accurate MAF, you can start by training at 180-age. That heart rate will give you a great starting point to work from. 



Next, using a heart rate monitor and a single app on your phone is the way to go. We use Selfloops to guide our training and you can take it with you anywhere! Running, CrossFitting, Biking. Begin learning what your heart rate does during these activities, then try adding more aerobic training into your routine. 

Most days working with a free heart rate app on your phone like self-loops is a manageable tool. But let’s say we want to ditch the phone entirely. You can do your work aerobically, by breathing through your nose. This is another way to ensure you’re pacing your efforts. Now what’s interesting here is that if you have done this for a long time, you may become really efficient at nasal breathing, and can begin to do more work with it. That means you can do more during nasal breathing with a higher heart rate which is the opposite of the effect you desire. So use nasal breathing as a supplement, not as the end all be all for your training. 

To finish things off, get someone to look at the data with you. One of the best parts about heart rate training is that it tracks your data! You can look at your various training sessions and see how your body is operating. Don’t be afraid to learn something new in order to improve! If you don’t know where to start, give us a call!

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