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I’m 29. I’ve Never Worked Out. Can I Do This?

Short answer. Of course you can! Longer, more involved answer. It is going to take time & some very specific work. Let’s dive in!

First off, if you have never worked out, or as we like to call it, trained, then you need to have patience. If someone is claiming you can get into shape with a 6 Week Plan or Challenge, you are both kidding yourself. These are decent places to start but you need something long term. Oftentimes the intensity is too high & you’ll end up getting injured, maybe even perpetuating the cycle of on & off again fitness. Start slow. Be patient.

Secondly, get a trainer. This does not mean you’ll need a personal trainer for life. We both know that can get expensive. However, this person should show you the ropes, provide you with a plan & teach you how to “fitness” for life. New members at CrossFit Justice go through an On-Ramp program where they learn the foundational movements & become immersed in our space. Enjoying fitness is part of the process. Starting with a trainer can help you navigate the murky waters of fitness & make it easier to begin.

Third, get your head right. Going to the gym or doing some kind of fitness should be for life. To some, this is terrifying. They’ve never viewed fitness as a lifestyle, merely a weight-loss “period.” That is why it’s so important to get “into” what you’re doing. If you’re not having fun you won’t stick with it. Think about it. Is what you’re doing really for you? If not, find something else & you’ll see more progress.

Fourth, track your food intake. You’ve probably heard that you can’t outwork a bad diet. This is so true it hurts. We’ve seen people kill themselves, almost as punishment for what they ate, & they still look, feel & perform the same. It’s sad to watch because we feel for them. If you do not have a dietician for a friend, give Caitlyn Hunter of Caitlyn Hunter Nutrition a call. She is a great resource for living a healthy lifestyle, not just shedding the pounds.

Fifth, be consistent. Yes, rep schemes, the weight lifted & the programming are all important but if you cannot string together consecutive days or weeks the progress will be very slow. You must be consistent. Finding an accountability partner can be a huge help here. Whatever the goal, write it down, tell others & get going.

Once you have managed these steps & tricks then you are ready to work on gaining size, mass, strength or whatever suits your fancy. Until then, hammer these home & watch the progress. Happy Training!!

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