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New Year, New You

The New Year is just a few days away!! We are stoked to leave 2020 behind & charge with you into 2021. Helping others lead their healthiest lives possible is our passion. If you are looking to make a positive lifestyle change in 2021 but need some direction, please read our New Year, New You Tips!!

1. Create A Plan

First off, writing things down might not be your thing but having a plan is vital to success. Ironing out the details of your healthy lifestyle will go a long way. When will you train? For how long? What will you do each day? These are things you should think of & write down before walking into a gym. If you need help with this part, schedule a No Sweat Intro with us. We’ll help you make a plan. The best part, it’s FREE!

2. Start Slow!

There’s nothing worse than having the best intentions, killing your first training session, & then being too sore to train the next day, or even, the day after that. We love the enthusiasm but the no pain no gain attitude of old might be why you are in the cycle you’re in. Start your new plan slow. Go for a walk with a friend in the park. Do a short circuit at the gym or in your basement. Do something that you could see yourself doing everyday, not just every once in a while.  

3. Be Realistic!

We know you mean well but going to the gym 5 days a week, when you haven’t been going at all, is most likely not going to happen. Even for the die hard athlete, this poses some real challenges. Again, start slow. Think of what you can realistically commit to & develop your plan from there. 

4. Set SMART Goals!

Ok. What the heck is a SMART Goal anyway? These are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic & timely goals that you write down. A great example of SMART Goal would be:

  • -Lose 5lbs by January 31st 2021. 
  • -Drink a half gallon of water everyday in January.

Catch our drift? If you need help determining goals, hit us up.

5. Bring A Friend!

Having an accountability partner is huge when it comes to starting a new routine. Doing things together is also a fun way to stay motivated!

With this manageable list, let’s get excited to set and reach our goals in 2021!

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