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Simple training Is Not Easy Training

How many times have you looked at a really challenging training session, got done & thought “wow. That wasn’t so bad!” It’s almost like you hyped yourself up for this monumental effort & came out the other side disappointed. 

Now, what about the other way around? How many of you have looked at something that appeared to be “way too easy,” & got your butt handed to you? Yeah, we’ve been there too. 

At CrossFit Justice we specialize in Ticker Training, where most efforts appear like they are too easy. On the contrary, keeping your heart-rate down during the working phase of the metcon is not easy. 

Our athletes often see two movements paired together, rowing & double unders or thrusters & easy biking or skiing. We partner a challenging movement with an easier effort to teach the body that what it’s doing is an aerobic, repeatable effort. When done at the appropriate weight, speed, rep count & intensity we can perform the same effort over & over again, almost perfectly. Over time, while moving in a perfect manner, we improve. 

Sometimes our training sessions can appear simple or “boring.” Maybe we don’t do pieces that have five different movements & various rep schemes. But the question remains, does that really make for good programming? Possibly, but probably not. Doing something for the sake of excitement can often miss the mark. Doing a few things, & doing them well, in our humble opinion is the way to go.

So, if you see a simple workout with a few movements view it cautiously. Often times its the simple things we need the most of. Ticker On Friends.    

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