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Ticker and Personalizing Your Training

Custom house. Tailored suit. Personalized shoes. They all convey a life of luxury, specificity & individuality. Comfortable & stylish for sure. Expensive? Most likely. 

What if we told you that your group training experience could be more personalized & help you reach your goals without the exorbitant price tag? You’d probably think we were nuts. Well, that’s exactly what Ticker Training offers, at least with the group model anyway. We can personalize the experience as it revolves around your heart-rate. Here’s how!

From day one we take 180 – Your Age to get your MAF (Max Aerobic Function). This is an estimate of where you burn fat the best. We then give you specific heart-rate zones, a heart-beat range to stay in during your training. During the next few weeks your body will adapt to moderate efforts & be able to repeat them over & over again. To us, this is the difference between working out & training. On non heart-rate restricted days we encourage the intensity to increase, whether that be weight, speed or both. There is time & place for both styles of training with the Ticker model

Now, we mentioned the heart-rate zones & training but did not mention how the training is customized. We recognize that people’s abilities vary, not just their strength. We also acknowledge that a “fit” athlete can struggle to work aerobically. When we see what the athlete’s heart-rate does then we can help determine the appropriate modification. Take this circuit for example:

2 Sets Of:
800 Meter Walk/Jog/Run Buy-In Each Time
Followed By 5 Rounds Of:
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats
1:00 Rest
Rest For 5:00 & Repeat For Set 2

HR Zones: Yellow & Orange

  1. Modification or coaching point one would be to either shorten the run to 600 or 400 meters. Adding some power walking to keep the heart-rate in check is another great option.
  2. Coaching point two would be to ring row instead of pull-up
  3. Coaching point three would be to mix kneeling push-ups with toe push-ups. Breathe every rep
  4. Coaching point four would be to pace out the air squats or reduce the number to recover.

These modifications are good for both the rookie & veteran athlete. They could even mix & match various coaching points to accommodate a higher heart rate based on their weakness(es). 

We get it. There is no perfect program. Some might even call this good coaching over customized fitness. Whatever your take, opinion or practice we know this is sustainable training for life. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from this style of training we’d love to hear from you. Until next time, Ticker On Friends!! 

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