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Defining Our Ticker Training Zones

At this point you probably get that we do heart-rate based training at CrossFit Justice. Even if you don’t do CrossFit (or want to) but wish to reap the benefits of HR training, we want to give you a guide on how to get started as simply as possible. We’ll provide you with a few simple equations, (Math, ew) & then what each zone is designed for. Here we go!!

To get started with our style of HR training you’ll need to define your Max Aerobic Function, or MAF for short.

Do this by taking 180 – Your Age. This number will be where your heart (potentially) burns the most fat. We say “potentially” because this equation is a rough guestimate, but is a great place to get started. 

The next step is to take your MAF, divide it by .75.

This number is your potential max heart-rate. 

Again, MAF is where you burn fat while your max hr is the hardest you can possibly work. You’ll want to stay away from this most of the time.

Here’s an example of how to do this with an average adult female:

180 – 30 (Age) =’s 150 Beats Per Minute. This is their MAF.

150/.75 & you get 200 Beats Per Minute. This is their Max Heart-Rate.

Now we need training zones

These are based off the percentages listed below. Lucky for us we have colors to help guide us during class. If you choose to do this while running, biking & the like pick a zone for that day & try to stay in that heart beat range. The numbers below are based off our young lady above.  

Blue 0 to 50% of Max HR =’s 0 to 100 Beats Per Minute 

Green 50 to 60% of Max HR =’s 100 to 120 Beats Per Minute

Yellow 60 to 75% of Max HR =’s 120 to 150 Beats Per Minute

Orange 75 to 90% of Max HR =’s 150 to 180 Beats Per Minute

Red 90 to 100% of Max HR =’s 180+

This is the simplest way to get started with heart-rate training. If you’d like to get more specific you could get a PNOE Test done. This will make your training zones even more specific. Rest assured, if you follow the equation you’ll make great strides. Just be patient. If you have questions please put them below. Until next time, Ticker On!!

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