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What are the best workouts to build muscle in your upper back?

If you want muscle definition, you have to work those muscles. Building upper back strength is not only good for looks, but it helps your posture, decreases neck and shoulder pain and improves lifting form and body mechanics. 
Here are some great upper back exercises: 
  1. Pullups/Ring Rows- 
  2. Bent over Row- 
  3. Shoulder Press 
  4. Reverse fly/Rear Delt Fly 
  5. Pushups 
Key points to remember: 
  1. Avoid overusing your upper traps. Pull the shoulder blades down and back so your shoulders are not reaching up towards your ears. 
  2. Slow and controlled is best for muscle building! 
  3. Pick a weight that you can perform a full range of motion without compensating. You can always increase weight/reps down the road. 
Go build some back muscle!!

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