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What’s So Great About Heart- Rate Training?

If you’ve been following us for awhile you know that our athletes follow Ticker Training, or heart-rate based training for CrossFit. In the beginning the transition was filled with uncertainty & a fare share of doubt. Now that we feel better, move well & perform exceptionally, our only regret is not making the switch sooner. Here’s why:

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Heart-rate training allows our members to burn fat as a fuel source. Burning fats reduces inflammation in the body & promotes better range of movement overall. Losing fat & moving better is a huge plus when we’re concerned.

While we train with lower heart-rates we use slightly lighter weights & build strength through endurance. This endurance & extra practice allows our athletes to move consistently better than others who are not concerned with their heart-rate. Having better technique drastically reduces the risk of injury. It’s a win win.

The term individual-design comes into play when heart-rate is concerned. We can make every training session applicable because we value the heart-rate over the weight moved or time achieved. This drastically reduces the pressure to “keep up,” in class. It allows you to focus on you, & not what everyone else is doing. 

Focusing on heart-rate typically leads to increased buy-in from our athletes. They pay attention to their training, how their bodies feel & move. They are invested in the process, not just in “the workout,” where anyone can feel sore afterwards. The extra investment goes a long way.

If you need more information on how our methods work you should check out Dr. Maffetone’s book, The Maffetone Method. You can buy it here at Amazon:

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