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What Is Ticker Training? Is It CrossFit?

First off, welcome to the CrossFit Justice Blog!! You might have been here before, maybe not. Hopefully you have seen how CrossFit Justice differs from other fitness facilities. We are not your traditional CrossFit Affiliate, & we love it that way. 

Up until now we’ve focused much of our attention on the basic fitness questions. How do I get abs, can I deadlift if I’m tall blah, blah, blah. We’ve been so busy answering these questions that we’ve neglected who we really are. We are a CrossFit Affiliate that specializes in heart-rate based training, or Ticker Training. Our efforts moving forward will center themselves around the benefits & practices of heart-rate based training. We truly wish to engage with our audience. If you are curious & have questions please post them here!

Let’s keep the ball rolling. What is Ticker Training?

In short, Ticker Training is heart-rate based training for CrossFit. We use heart-rate monitors to keep our heart-rate in a moderate fat burning zone. Kinda cool hu? We believe that moderate efforts are repeatable efforts. Through moderation we can have consistent days of training. It is this consistency that allows us to add volume & repetition in our training. This, over time, allows us to gain strength. We are not talking powerlifting strength, but strength for health & wellness. 

The next question we get is, if there is no intensity, then is it CrossFit? Our response is this.

We constantly vary our training, just like CrossFit methodology prescribes. We utilize compound movements on a daily basis. We train various time domains & prescribe zones to train in on those days. We systematically include hard days where the heart-rate does not matter. We still pay attention to what happens to our bodies but we balance our moderate efforts with challenging ones on purpose. So yes, of course we do CrossFit, but we choose not to compete with each other on a daily basis.      

One of our rebuttals is this. How many times have you gone to the gym thinking you were going to take it “easy” & then have a friend challenge you to add more weight, go faster etc…? When this happens on a daily basis it can be a recipe for disaster. Overtraining & chronic fatigue are commonplace & set you up for injury. This is something we steer clear of. 

Ticker Training allows us to train hard & encourage one another. We choose to do it on purpose, not by accident. Our training philosophy takes a lot of ego out of the equation which creates a friendly & inclusive environment, something we can all live with.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Ticker Training drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!

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