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What’s The Best Plan To Start Working Out Again? To Lose Fat & Not Bulk Up?

Oh nice! We love this question. Follow these helpful tips to get on the right track. Remember, there are no quick fixes.

1) Find a reputable gym. Search your local area, read the reviews & give them a call. If you cannot find their number readily, or the website looks unprofessional, look elsewhere. 

2) Plan ahead. Get your comfy training clothes, shoes, water-bottle etc in a gym bag ahead of time. Make this a part of your day.

3) Just. Show. Up. This is half the battle. We are so eager to find excuses that we miss a day, then another & so on. If you can manage to get there, the work will take care of itself.

4) Find an accountability partner. Telling someone, even if it’s the coach/trainer, that you’ll be there, is huge. Not letting them down at 5 am will be a big motivator for you.

5) Look at your diet. Talk to a registered dietician to learn how to track your food, improve the quality of food you eat, and get a healthy relationship with food so you can fuel your workouts. 

6) Go to sleep earlier or sleep later. We’ve said this one before & we unashamedly say it again. Holding onto stress is a surefire way to hold onto weight. A little extra sleep will help you maintain a healthy weight

7) Drink. Your. Water!! Cut out the soda, energy drinks & all those empty calories. Can’t go cold turkey? No worries. Cutting down on a can a day, or every other day can make a huge difference, not only on your body but the environment as well.

8) Write your goals down. Put them where they can be seen on a daily basis, multiple times a day. You are what you think about.

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