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Who Is Ticker Training For?

The saying goes, if you are for everyone, you are for no one. This is partly true. Not everyone should do CrossFit, nor should everyone run or swim or do any other manner of activities. However, with Ticker Training we have made CrossFit significantly more accessible, from a health & wellness perspective than ever before. When we say Ticker is for everyone, we mean it is for everyone who wishes to lead an active lifestyle & CrossFit methodology. Here’s how!

Ticker effectively breaks down the competitive barrier CrossFit creates. It takes much of the ego & machismo out of our space. Ticker makes training truly your own experience & we are so much better for it.

Ticker ensures that you train based on your heart-rate.

This is dictated by a myriad of factors, age, mobility, prior activity level. The list goes on. Rest assured, if you stay in your zone, scale movements appropriately & move well, you should be in pretty good shape. 

Ticker opens the door for coaches to actually coach.

We not only talk to our athletes about prescriptions before we say 3, 2, 1 go but during the metcon as well. As a “traditional” CrossFit athlete you might be wondering how this is possible. We all know that when that happens the rails come off & anything a coach says is mere suggestion. With Ticker, our athletes can put their ego & time aside & be coachable. Why? Because it is not about the time we punch into SugarWod & the leaderboard. This effectively makes Ticker more accessible because we are coaching athletes, not cheering them on. 

Ticker also breaks down the stigma of doing “dangerous” movements.

Overhead squats, handstand push-ups & squat snatches are all great movements. However, they are not necessary for health. A coach who pushes an athlete to accomplish these things, when they cannot or do not want to, is fueling their own ego. To us, as fitness professionals, this is wrong on so many levels. Ticker allows us to put that ego on a shelf & make health based decisions. Health is what we are after. Again, making CrossFit & Ticker training more accessible. 

So. Is Ticker for everyone?

No. But it strives to make CrossFit more inclusive. If you, or someone you know wishes to give this Ticker thing a try, we’d love to have you. We can be found at:

1280 Holden Ave Suite #115, Milford MI, 48381


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