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Is Weightlifting At A Young Age Bad For You?

Short answer, no. 

More elaborate answer, it depends. 

Weightlifting by itself is a healthy activity. The benefits are endless no matter your age. Gaining strength, increased fat burn, increased bone density, greater motor control & even elevated brain function are all benefits of lifting weights. 

What’s sad about this question is that we see young athletes in other sports & they get injured. The injuries come from accidents, unattentive coaches or overtraining. Those same feelings & thought processes bleed over into weight-lifting, almost disproportionately to the dangers involved. Why? Because it is weight-lifting & not football, soccer, swimming, running etc…

The time in which other sports have been around have numbed our danger receptors to those activities. Case in point. How many times do you hear a runner talk about their shin splints or plantar fasciitis? How often does a football player suffer a concussion? How many cyclists suffer injuries from a crash? A fair few in each category I presume. All of which are unfortunate but that comes with the territory.

In all these instances precautions can be taken. The same is true with weight-lifting. If you find a knowledgeable coach, who puts the safety of your athlete first, there is no reason that they cannot become more fit, improve their aerobic capacity, increase their strength, stamina, agility & so much more. Don’t know where to start? Click the link below to schedule your No Sweat Intro today!!  

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