Aerobic Exercise…Not Aerobics

What is the difference between aerobic exercise & aerobics?  Quite a bit actually. We’ll show you. When we say that we do, “aerobically based CrossFit …

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S.M.A.R.T. Goals Are A Way Of Life

As we charge into 2021 we need to revisit S.M.A.R.T Goals. We believe in them so much, not just with our fitness but our way …

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5 Questions To Start The New Year

There has been a lot of reflection over the year 2020. Starting January and 2021 off on a good note means learning from the  last …

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New Year, New You

The New Year is just a few days away!! We are stoked to leave 2020 behind & charge with you into 2021. Helping others lead …

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Fit For The Holidays. How To Not Ruin Your Fitness & Health During The Holiday Season.

Let’s face it, staying fit during the holidays can be a challenge. There is no short supply of food or drink & there is always …

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Box Do’s. No Don’ts.

This is an amazing topic. Not just for the would be gym-goer but the coach/instructor as well. No one likes to look out of place, …

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What Would Happen If I Did Pull-Ups Every Day?

The go-getter attitude is awesome! We love your enthusiasm but this is also a cautionary tale of too much of a good thing is not …

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Are Farmer’s Walks One Of The Best Exercises?

Farmer’s Carry or Farmer’s Walk is hands down one of our favorite exercises. Adding these to your routine on a consistent basis would serve you …

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What’s The Best Plan To Start Working Out Again? To Lose Fat & Not Bulk Up?

Oh nice! We love this question. Follow these helpful tips to get on the right track. Remember, there are no quick fixes. 1) Find a …

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I’m 29. I’ve Never Worked Out. Can I Do This?

Short answer. Of course you can! Longer, more involved answer. It is going to take time & some very specific work. Let’s dive in! First …

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