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Box Do’s. No Don’ts.

This is an amazing topic. Not just for the would be gym-goer but the coach/instructor as well. No one likes to look out of place, be embarrassed or have to “teach” gym etiquette endlessly. Follow these Do’s as best you can & you’ll be off to a great start!

Do: Arrive early.

As a drop-in or a veteran athlete this the best way to set yourself up for a great session. This allows you to get the lay of the land, put in some extra time stretching & understand the training session before it even begins. The little things add up. Begin 15 minutes early.

Do: Check-In to class

If the gym you plan on attending requests a check-in beforehand, to reserve your spot, please do so. This is a huge help not only to the instructor, but ensures the class size is manageable. No one wants to be turned away or do the turning away. An overflowing class often leads to poor instruction anyway. So do yourself, & everyone a favor, & check-in.

Do: Listen to the coach.

Talking during the “brief” is poor form. Not only is it rude but you might miss something that could keep you safe during the session. We get it, you’re excited to be there but please save the small talk for later & listen.

Do: Keep the chalk in the bucket.

The jokes & memes about an ornery coach are plenty when it comes to getting chalk on “their floor.” We get it, it’s messy, it blows through the air & gets everywhere. But at least making an effort to keep it in the bucket can go a long way in gaining points with the coach. They’ll thank you for the lack of mess later, if not in person, at least in their mind.

Do: Ask Questions.

Always ask the coach if you are unsure about anything. Whether you are new to CrossFit, or in a box where they do things differently than what you are used to. It’s always best to clarify things before your workout to ensure you stay safe and perform your best.

Do: Wipe down your equipment.

This has always been a hygienic courtesy but is even more important now. No one likes to clean up your mess or even worse, not realize they’re laying in your sweat on the bench until it’s too late. Most places have wipes, spray bottles or towels. If you don’t know where they are simply ask. It’s the courteous thing to do.

Do: Put things back where they came from.

Our facility is setup for maximized efficiency & much of what you need is in your space. However, not all gyms are like this. If you get a piece of equipment from anywhere, kindly put it back where you found it. 

Do: Use your manners.

A simple thank you at the end of a drop-in session or class can also go a long way in building street cred with your instructor. It can be a challenge to coach a newcomer & to know you appreciate the effort they put in means a lot.

If we missed something please let us know! Until next time guys, happy training.

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