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How Less Is More & More Is Not Better

A few months ago yours truly came down with the CoronaVirus. I had the shakes, fever, headache, shortness of breath, the whole shabang. It was everything the medical community cautioned it would be. Despite the struggle, I recovered. Here’s how I did it.

During & after my 10 day quarantine I made an effort to participate in low intensity exercise. I breathed exclusively through my nose. I knew that if I could move & breathe in that manner the intensity was just enough. No huffing & puffing or feeling like I was sucking wind through a straw. It all came down to the simple question, “What am I trying to prove?” I knew that doing too much or going too hard would set me back. So, I exercised patience.

Covid or no Covid, many fitness enthusiasts go too hard on a consistent basis.

They tend to not rest or balance their hard efforts with easier ones. They have one speed or one gear & it is GOOO! Take a look at the following conditions & see which ones you might have or had despite working out:

  • Tight & sore muscles
  • Limited range of motion ie, poor squat depth, lock-out position overhead, inability to sit upright
  • Chronic fatigue, ie, cannot stay awake mid-day despite a full night’s rest
  • Repeat injuries like shoulder “tweaks” or plantar fasciitis
  • Weight gain   

If any of these symptoms sound familiar you might be a victim of overtraining. 

The hard work that goes into the no pain no gain mentality is admirable at best, but often results in injury. It also results in an all or nothing campaign that starts with a fury of activity & ends abruptly. 

How many times have we, or someone we know, proclaimed a New Years Resolution or declared that they’ll start “on Monday,” only to have that plan quashed in a short two week window? Seriously, no judgement, we’ve all been there. The difference is that if someone starts with heart-rate based training, gives a moderate, repeatable effort, with an activity they enjoy, the chances of leading a healthy life are much much higher. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. I’m confident you’ll be glad you did. Ticker On. 

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