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How Ticker Training Breaks Down CrossFit’s Elite Stigma

Elite CrossFit serves its purpose of elevating the standards, providing goals to reach towards, elevating superior athletes and recognizing their abilities. Not to mention the entertainment and ability to put CrossFit on the world stage. But most CrossFit gyms house your everyday athlete. From highschool sports players, to 70 year old grandparents. And that’s what we love about CrossFit, and furthermore, Ticker Training. 

Ticker Training has taken CrossFit to a much more approachable level. It opens up traditional CrossFit with high intensity and turns it into a personal and paced effort. Ticker Training allows CrossFit to be for everyone. By adding heart rate monitors to your training, it gets personal. Each training session is made with a specific stimulus that is achievable for anyone. 

Modifying is one aspect of CrossFit that makes it for the average Joe as well as the elite athlete. Trained coaches provide that knowledge and guidance for all members of the class. But more than that, being able to see how your body responds to a training session and guide yourself, means you take your fitness into your own hands and get the best workout possible! 

Ticker Training puts less emphasis on all high intensity all the time, no emphasis really. Training with Ticker means you work majority aerobic, leaving 1-2 days a week for your high intensity efforts . Do you still get a great training session?? Of course! You get a training session that challenges you to move well, pace your efforts, get a high volume of work, and feel good when you’re done! 

Instead of everyone beating the clock or the person next to them, Ticker Training focuses the work on you! Your heart rate guides you in your training to how you should pace your workout. So the elite athlete and the beginner both get a great training session and it’s all based on their body and how they can and should be moving! 

We love elite sports, but we realize that’s the minority. CrossFit is for everyone, and in order to reach everyone, we find Ticker Training to be the best approach to health and fitness.

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