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How To Be Consistent- A Winner’s Game

Last time we made some pretty bold statements about falling off the train & losing control. We even poked the proverbial bear & what does not work in the short term. But instead of making fun we thought we’d throw some of our favorite winning strategies out there to help you be consistent. Here. We. Go.

Set a timer…for everything. 

Well, maybe not everything but hear us out. Find yourself arriving late all the time. Set your timer to get up or leave earlier. Being on time, all the time is a great fresh start at being consistent & building momentum. 

Bonus Tip

(Not getting enough food or water through the day? Set a timer, with a reminder, to do so. Annoying? You betcha. Effective? Definitely.) 

Write it down!! 

If you have a goal put it down on a sticky note in the high traffic areas in your life. The bathroom, fridge, car, your desk. You get it. Being constantly reminded of what you are fighting for is huge!! Once you start thinking of it on a, you guessed it, consistent basis, & making progress towards that end, maybe take a sticky down & see if you think about your goal(s) on your own.

Make the time to prepare. 

If you struggle with eating well through the week a winning strategy is to meal prep on the weekend. A few well placed meals or tupperware containers can go a long way to eating consistently well, not just by accident. 

Also, make the time to lay out clothing for the next day or make your post workout shake. Either way, both are huge time savers & alleviate potential stress. 

Accountability is key

Notice that so far none of these strategies involve training, at least directly. This one does. Get an accountability partner. Even if this person does not train directly with you, the mere act of confiding in someone will increase your chances of putting the work in. If you can set a date with them, all the better.   

Just show up

It might not always feel good or be pretty but showing up day after day has staying power. It creates confidence & inner strength that lends itself to not quitting so easily. You might not be in the best mood before getting to the gym but rest assured you’ll feel better leaving.

Whatever you choose & how you choose to do it, be consistent & good things will come. Cheers & happy training!

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