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Overweight? Out of Shape? No Problem!!

One of the most common responses we hear when we ask people if they’d like to try CrossFit is, “I’ve thought about it. But I’d need to get in shape first.” This is the chicken & the egg question starring you square in the face. You get in shape by doing CrossFit, regardless of your weight, fitness level & various excuses. If you are considering CrossFit, here is a step by step guide of what you should expect & look for when joining a reputable “Box.” 

Step one is huge! You’ve recognized that you could shed some lbs.  And if you are carrying some extra weight, seriously, no judgement. You recognizing that is the first step to getting in the door. Way to be.

The second step is booking a No Sweat Intro on the homepage of the website. Gyms that abide by this principle, or general consultation protocol, genuinely have your best interest in mind.  

The third step is an On-Ramp Program where you should be taught the fundamentals of CrossFit & tell someone about your goals. This allows the coaching staff to work with you to create an appropriate plan. 

The fourth step would be to link up with the gym’s dietician. Lucky for us we have one on our staff. Caitlyn, of Caitlyn Hunter Nutrition is a rockstar. She will help you stay healthy & not go on some crazy starvation diet. Get with her for a free consultation today!

The fifth step is getting through On-Ramp & into your first class. Be prepared to arrive slightly early so you can talk with your knowledgeable coach about how to modify the day’s training session so you can perform it correctly & safely. Do this on a regular basis, even if it is not your first class. Your body will be glad you did!

Write down & schedule your next visit. Do this before you leave the gym. You are creating new habits & a new lifestyle which is not easy. 

Guys. These are great tips as a place to start. If there are other pieces you feel we are missing please let us know in the comments. Cheers & happy training!

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