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Trusting The Ticker Training Process

 All sweat, no regret! No pain no gain! Do or die!

Sound familiar? Most likely it does. These mantras have catapulted an endless line of nobodies into somebodies. It’s safe to say they have normalized pain & suffering & made it somewhat, dare we say, attractive & noble. Anything besides that is unacceptable. 

  • Not being sore after a workout. Unacceptable.
  • Not lying on the floor panting after a workout. Unacceptable.
  • Not puking in the trash can on the way out? Unacceptable.

We get some of these are a tad exaggerated but not by much. In addition to our competitive spirit fueling the do or die mentality are the coaches. The fitness “professionals.” Oftentimes they are the ones who say this is ok. They are the ones who make it hard to follow a training plan that says “slow down”. 

In this vein we need to ask ourselves, why is it easier to say “how high?!” when our coach says jump. Maybe we should be asking ourselves, “why or how am I jumping & to where,” before we just blindly follow. 

The asking of questions leads to education. Educating & teaching our athletes often leads to trust & respect. It is trust & respect that allows us as coaches to tell our athletes to row at a 3:00 500 pace instead of 2:30 because it will help their recovery later. Coaching them on how to do that is a plus. 

Coaching our athletes on how to load their barbells properly during a Green Zone (easier day) training session, & it working, only adds to our credibility. More importantly than that, it gives the athlete the confidence & assurance that what they are doing is working. 

We acknowledge that our process is slow, maybe agonizingly so. But, that is not reason enough to rush it. In our honest estimation, it takes athletes about 9 to 12 months to see visible results. This can be with a recovered heart-rate, increased work capacity or a better physique. However, those that stick with us beyond that are typically with us for years & years to come. 

Need some consistent training in your life? We’d be glad to have you. Until next time, Ticker On friends!!  

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