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What’s The Hardest Part Of Getting Fit?

We read this question & the answers to it are many. 

Some might say it’s the eating. Others like to throw a few too many back on the weekend. The not so errant few do not get the sleep they need to recover. Plenty have, “no motivation.” These are all valid responses but we feel confident that the hardest part of getting fit is a one word answer. Yep. Just one word.


Anyone, & we mean anyone can get after it for a few days, maybe even a few weeks. And then, disaster strikes. We are rattling along on the clean eating, no drinking, go to sleep on time, drink your water & protein shake train. And then fall off. Hard. We get exhausted, just tired of it all & “miss” a day. Or maybe even think you “earned” a day off. And rightfully so. You put in a tone of work & you should take a day off, no doubt. But then that day becomes two, & two becomes three & three becomes a week & so it goes.

True progress, whether it be weight-loss, muscle gain, improved aerobic capacity takes consistency that spans years. Yeah, we said it. Years. Coach Vaughn, one of our CFL-2 instructors, uses the word “intentional” while describing his lifestyle choices. Anyone looking to make meaningful, long-lasting change must be consistently intentional. 

You can go through a 6 Week Fitness Challenge, juice cleanse, carb fast blah blah blah but can you be consistent with your high intensity for longer than 6 weeks? Can you drink only jice for the rest of your life? Or will you never eat a carb again? Most likely no on all accounts. Our challenge to you is to be consistently intentional with your choices. Make healthy living a lifestyle & see what happens!

Tune in next time for our top strategies that will help you be consistent with your health, wellness & lifestyle. Cheers guys & happy training!

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